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Providing further understanding of the link between low birth weights and obesity later in life, researchers found nutritionally deprived newborns are "programmed" to eat more because they develop less neurons in the region of the brain that controls food intake
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If we can better understand a South Asian woman’s social networks, we will design interventions that help her improve the health of her family with the support of her social networks.
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Here are answers to some questions you may have for us.
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Happy New Year
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The South Asian Birth Cohort Sub-study: Optimal Perinatal Health Behaviours from the Perspectives of Grandmothers- officially released by Canadian Institute of Health Research in the 'Video Talks' competition for 2016.
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We now have 1012 mothers enrolled in the START study!
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Principal Investigators:
Dr. Sonia Anand 
B.A. (Queens), M.D. (McMaster), Ph.D.(McMaster), F.R.C.P(C) 
Eli Lilly Canada-May Cohen Chair in Women’s Health
Michael DeGroote Heart and Stroke Chair in Population Health and Epidemiology
Canada Research Chair in Ethnicity and Cardiovascular Disease
Professor, Department of Medicine and Epidemiology
Director, Population Genomics Program
Director, Vascular Medicine Clinic, Hamilton Health
McMaster University
1280 Main St. West
MDCL 3200
Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1
Tel:905-527-4322 EXT: 21523
Academic Interests
Dr. Anand’s current research is investigating the causes of cardiovascular disease among ethnic groups, population health including genetics, and women’s cardiovascular health.

Selected Publications

  1. Do, R., Xie, C., Zhang, X., Männistö, S., Harald, K., Islam, S., Bailey, S.D., Rangarajan, S., McQueen, M.J., Diaz, R., Lisheng, L., Wang, X., Silander, K., Peltonen, L., Yusuf, S., Salomaa, V., Engert, J.C., Anand, S.S. The Effect of Chromosome 9p21 Variants on Cardiovascular Disease May Be Modified by Dietary Intake: Evidence from a Case/Control and a Prospective Study. Plos Medicine 9(10): e1001106
  2. Anand, S.S., Tarnopolsky, M.A., Rashid, S., Schulze, K.M., Desai, D., Mente, A., Rao, S., Yusuf, S., Gerstein, H.C., & Sharma, A.M. Adipocyte Hypertrophy, Fatty Liver and Metabolic Risk Factors in South Asians: The Molecular Study of Health and Risk in Ethnic Groups (mol-SHARE). PLoS ONE 2011; 6 (7): 1-8
  3. Anand S, Xie C, Pare G, Montpetit A, Serre D, Rangarajan S, McQueen M, Cordell H, Keavney B, Yusuf S, Hudson T, Engert J. Genetic Variants Associated with Acute Myocardial Infarction in 8,000 Individuals from Five Ethnic Groups: The INTERHEART Genetics Study. Circulation Genetics 2009;2:16-25
  4. Anand SS, Islam S, Rosengren A, Grazia Franzosi M, Steyn K, Afzal Hussein Y, Keltai M, Diaz R, Rangarajan S, Yusuf S. Risk Factors for Myocardial Infarction in Women and Men: Insights from the INTERHEART Study. Euro Heart J 2008 Apr;29(7):932-40.
  5. Anand S, Yusuf S, Jacobs R, Davis D, Gerstein H, Lonn E, Yi Q. Risk factors, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease among Aboriginal People in Canada: The Study of Health Assessment and Risk Evaluation in Aboriginal Peoples (SHARE-AP) Lancet 2001 Oct 6;358(9288):1147-53.
  6. Anand SS, Yusuf S, Vuksan V, Devanesen S, Teo KK, Montague PA, Kelemen E, Guo T, Lonn E, Gerstein H, Hegele RA, McQueen M. Differences in cardiovascular disease between ethnic groups are not explained by conventional risk factors or atherosclerosis. The Study of Health Assessment and Risk in Ethnic Groups (SHARE). Lancet 2000; 356: 279-84.
Dr. Milan Gupta 
Division of Cardiology 
Associate Clinical Professor, Division of Cardiology
Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto
Affiliate Scientist, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael"s Hospital
Scientist, Division of CV Surgery, St. Michael"s Hospital
Education and Professional Standing
Dr. Milan Gupta received his MD from the University of Toronto in 1988. Following completion of internal medicine and cardiology residencies in Toronto, he received certification by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, as well as by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He holds additional certification status by the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and by the North American Society for Pacing and Electrophysiology.

Dr. Gupta is an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON. He is also an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, Adjunct Scientist in the Division of CV Surgery and an Affiliate Scientist at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. He is a co-founder and past-chair of the Greater Toronto Area Community Cardiovascular Specialists (GTACC), and past Board of Directors member of the Cardiac Care Network of Ontario. He is Treasurer and Executive member for the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, and has served as chair of the Local Arrangements Committee and member of the Scientific Program Committee for the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress. He is also the Medical Co-Director of the Canadian Cardiovascular Research Network.

Dr. Gupta speaks widely on a variety of topics, and serves on numerous professional advisory boards. Dr. Gupta has a strong interest in developing innovative continuing medical education initiatives. He holds multiple peer-reviewed grants and has published numerous clinical research papers. Dr. Gupta’s research interests include South Asian heart disease, management strategies for acute coronary syndromes, and emerging risk factors in vascular disease.
Co- Investigators: 
  1. Dr. Joseph Beyene
  2. Dr. James Dunn
  3. Dr. Michaela Hynie
  4. Dr. Jane Irvine
  5. Dr. Sarah McDonald
  6. Dr. Andrew Mente
  7. Dr. Katherine Morrison
  8. Dr. Guillaume Pare
  9. Dr. Vidia Persad
  10. Dr. Ravi Retnakaran
  11. Dr. Baiju Shah
  12. Dr. Koon Teo
  13. Dr. Gita Wahi
  14. Dr. Russell DeSouza
  15. Dr. Peter Scheufler